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How to handle and keep the brigadeiros?

We don't use any kind of preservatives in our recipe. For that reason our brigadeiros should be enjoyed as soon as you get them. If you want to save some to enjoy in a later moment, keep them refrigerated and bring them to room temperature 5 minutes before consumption. They will last 14 days.

How many calories are in a Brigadeiro?

Each of our truffles has around 80 calories
Are Brigadeiros Gluten Free?

Yes. All Brigadeiros are gluten free unless otherwise specified, but manufactured in a shared facility that use wheat and non gluten free products.

What are the ingredients?

We believe that  only using the best ingredients we can create the best Brigadeiros. We don't want to make only the best brigadeiro in world. We want to make the best and most fresh chocolate sweets.... always.  We don't use preservatives or artificial ingredients and we like to keep the things simple. These are the values that are behind every single truffle that comes out from our kitchen.

Traditional: Condensed Milk, Milk Chocolate, Heavy Cream, Milk Chocolate Vermicelli

Intense: Condensed Milk, Dark Chocolate, Heavy Cream, Raw Cocoa Nibs

Coconut: Condensed Milk, White Chocolate, Shreded Coconut, Heavy Cream

Pistachio: Condensed Milk, White Chocolate, Pistachio, Heavy Cream

Almond: Condensed Milk, Dark Chocolate, Heavy Cream, Sliced Almonds


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